1.- Identifying data

In compliance with the Law 34/2002, from July, 11th, regarding Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services, the website owner’s identifying data is:

Náutica Corcho S.L.
Marina de Denia, edif. F2 L2
03700 Denia
CIF: B-12658597

For any doubt or enquiry, we can be contacted on 965786891
e-mail: info@nauticacorcho.com

2.- Terms of Use.

The current Terms of Use regulate the use and access to the site www.nauticacorcho.com, with the aim to be the entry point to Náutica Corcho S.L., both inner and externally, offering the users information, services and content via web.

The access and navigation in www.nauticacorcho.com, as well as the use of services available, involve the expressed and full acceptance of each and all of the current Terms of Use, including the Particular Terms applied to certain services as well as the Privacy Policy and Cookies related to the end of the treatment regarding the data provided. Please, we recommend reading carefully.

Náutica Corcho S.L. reserves the right to modify or omit, either partial or totally, the current content and/or services whenever it is considered appropriate, as well as prevent or restrict the access temporarily or permanently. In addition, Náutica Corcho S.L. is able to modify or substitute the current Terms of Use at any time and without notice.

When you enter the site or communicate with us, via web or using any other means of electronic communication such as e-mail or information request, you are accepting expressly the use and incorporation of your data to our management files, tracking and promotion, with the aim included in the document ‘Privacy Policy’, as well as the terms and obligations established on the current Terms of Use.

3.- Use conditions for www.nauticacorcho.com.
Náutica Corcho does not neither declare nor guarantee the accessibility/availability for the users uninterruptedly, due to the impossibility to guarantee the universal access to the Internet, the possibility of problems regarding the network, malfunction in server machines and other unpredictable possible contingencies which cannot be controlled by Náutica Corcho S.L.

Náutica Corcho is committed to make a maximum effort in order to guarantee proper information storage; therefore it can be available for the user uninterruptedly. On the other hand, Náutica Corcho will not be in any case responsible for the interruptions in availability, due to force majeure or out of control of Nautica Corcho S.L.

Náutica Corcho S.L. has the right to temporarily disrupt the information storage in their servers or the same information on the Internet user’s behalf, due to security purposes or restructuration of the computer resources focused on improving the storage services available for the user via Internet.

Náutica Corcho will make the maximum effort to minimize the discomfort and prevent the users from being affected although Náutica Corcho shall not be held responsible for the damage caused by those disruptions.

Náutica Corcho S.L. reserves the right to cease the access to the service whenever estimated that the actions taken by the user and/or the access to www.nauticacorcho.com opposes the current legislation, being expressly forbidden the transmission, reception, distribution or storage regarding material or information bound to infringe the Law, the applied regulation or bound to infringe the obligations stated on the current Terms of Use. Náutica Corcho also reserves the right to notify the user the suspension and the proper motifs, as well as the right to communicate to the competent authority any illicit activity or contrary to the current legislation.

Náutica Corcho S.L. will adopt every measure available in order to block any type of attitude which can be subject to oppose the Spanish Law, and will also cooperate with the competent authority in identifying the individuals responsible for the actions which can lead to provoke violations of the laws applied to the current website.

4.- Intellectual and Industrial Property.

The website www.nauticacorcho.com, the pages it contains, the information or elements placed on them (including texts, documents, photographs, drawings, graphic representation, data base, computer programs, amongst others) as well as logotypes, brands, commercial names and other distinguishing marks are protected either by intellectual or industrial property, owned or authorized by Nautica Corcho S.L.

Náutica Corcho S.L. does not offer any guarantee regarding the legality of the information or the elements in the www.nauticacorcho.com pages when the ownership of them does not comply with Náutica Corcho S.L.

Despite the maximum effort made in order to prevent any error in the content from happening, the information contained can be inaccurate or lead to error.

The user is obliged to use the content diligently and properly, according to the law, the moral and the public order. Náutica Corcho S.L. authorizes the user to view the information contained on this website, as well as to conduct private views (simple download and storage activity in their own computers), as long as the elements are allocated to personal use, with the exception of a expressed limitation, which would be noticed to the user. Under no circumstances this would mean an authorization or license concerning Náutica Corcho S.L. property rights.

The user is not authorized to distribute, modify, transfer or publicly communicate the information on www.nauticacorcho.com in any case and whichever the purpose may be. It is strictly forbidden any way of exploitation, including reproduction, distribution, and transfer to third parties, public communication and transformation through any means, regarding the works previously mentioned creations and distinguishing marks without previous and expressed authorization of the respective owners.

4.- Links.

The connection and links to third parties are only established as a utility to the user. Náutica Corcho S.L. is not to be held responsible for them or their content.

It is forbidden, with the exception of expressed authorization given by Náutica Corcho S.L., to establish links or hyperlinks, from third parties’ sites to pages which belong to www.nauticacorcho.com and are different from the main page of the site, accessible from the URL https://www.nauticacorcho.com/ or the one which is bound to replace it in the future. In addition, it is also forbidden to display the pages regarding www.nauticacorcho.com or the information contained in them through frames, distinguishing marks or business names which belong to other person, company or entity.

In order to link the web page www.nauticacorcho.com, it will be necessary to include the written and express holders’ authorization.

6.- responsibility.

6.1.- User’s responsibility.

The user will be responsible for all the data and manifestations which he/she may include on the application forms, as well as for all the data sent or attached with their query and any other content remitted to Náutica Corcho S.L. through any other means of communication.

The mere act of sending the Application Form does not necessarily mean the automatic acceptance of Náutica Corcho S.L. It is understood that Náutica Corcho S.L. will accept it whenever the user receives a reply to his/her query.

5.2.- Nautica Corcho S.L’s responsibility.

Under no circumstances will be Náutica Corcho S.L. held responsible for any indirect or mediator damage. This includes, without restrictive nature, the damage regarding loss of profit, reputation, data or use caused by the services provided by Náutica Corcho S.L or by the use, improper use or disuse of the services and enquiries sent to Náutica Corcho S.L. as far as the user is concerned.

Náutica Corcho S.L does not neither assume any other constructive obligation nor offer any other express or implied guarantee beyond the Conditions foreseen. Náutica Corcho S.L’s contractual and non-contractual liability is excluded regarding direct and indirect damage of any kind, which may be suffered by either the User or third parties; including damage resulted from the use or disuse of the services, with the exception of “dolo or serious fault”.

Any decrease in the use or availability of the website www.nauticacorcho.com cannot be used as an excuse not to meet the compliance conditions.

Náutica Corcho S.L. does not guarantee neither the continuous access nor the proper display, download or usability regarding the elements and information present on the pages included on www.nauticacorcho.com. This can also be applied to elements which could be prevented, challenged or disrupted due to circumstances out or beyond its control, as well as those produced as a result of computer virus on the Internet.

Náutica Corcho S.L does not take responsibility for anything related to information or other content available on spaces or third parties’ websites which can be accessed from the site www.nauticacorcho.com through links or hyperlinks. In addition, Náutica Corcho S.L is not responsible either for the information or other content integrated into spaces or third parties’ websites from which an access through links and hyperlinks to www.nauticacorcho.com or any of their inner sites could take place. Náutica Corcho S.L is not to be held responsible for any information or content present on any third parties’ website which could resemble to Náutica Corcho S.L, with the exception of express authorization from such company.

Náutica Corcho S.L. does not take any responsibility for matters regarding information, content of any kind, products or services either quoted or lent through www.nauticacorcho.com on third parties’ behalf.

6.- Personal Data Protection.

All matters regarding the Personal Data Protection are available on Privacy Policy section, which belongs to these General Terms but, as a way to simplify, has been embed on a separate document: Privacy Policy.

The application form submission would mean the express approval as far the user is concerned regarding the personal data entry to Náutica Corcho S.L’s management files, with the purposes specified on the Privacy Policy.

8.- Notices.

Any notice or advance notification from any of the parts must be sent to the established addresses and provided by such parts, through any means which can ensure the information has arrived safely. Notices are preferred to be sent by e-mail, if possible, to info@nauticacorcho.com or to the following address:

Náutica Corcho S.L.
Avda. Fuencarral 56 Planta 1 Oficina 80
28108 Alcobendas (Madrid)

9.- Generalities and Applicable Law.

If any term or section stated on these General Terms, which is not indispensable for the existence of such Terms, is declared null or inapplicable, the validity of the remain terms shall not be affected.

The User shall not be able to yield, transfer or sublet to any natural or legal person the rights or obligations which do only belong to his/her, by virtue of the current General Terms of Use and General Terms established for certain services.

The titles of the terms are just mere references, and under no circumstances shall be considered as interpretation or explanation of their respective content.

The current General and Particular Terms, applied for certain services, will be ruled and read according to the Spanish Legislation.

Every part will try to solve their differences as far as the current General and Particular Terms for certain services are concerned, in a friendly way. In case an agreement is not reached, expressly waiving any right which could belong to them, any member shall have the right of appeal to the Spanish ordinary Jurisdiction, and, more precisely, to Alicante Courts (Spain).