Our fleet provides different lines of yachts in order to enjoy an entire week with friends or family

Is the car boat safe?

Our boats are equipped with all the safety measures that the Habour Master’s Office establishes, ensuring a safe sailing.

Can I rent a boat without experience or license?

If you do not have a license you can sail with a qualified Yachtmaster, awarded with wide experience in crossing the Balearic Islands and our coastline.

What do I have to take for my holidays?

We recommend carrying light luggage, kept in a sports bag if possible. It should be folded in order to be stowed. When at high seas, cool air is common, so having a light raincoat is advisable. As far as shoes are concerned, nautical shoes are best option, as well as non-slip trainers. Your toilet bag should contain a high quality sun cream and painkillers in case of dizziness. We shouldn’t forget our sunglasses, diving googles and a mobile charger, just the lighter type you can use in the car.

Where do we sleep?

There are comfortable cabins available in the yacht so as to rest on board. We can sleep either anchored on a cove or on a harbor depending on the amount of time and the instructions given by the Yachtmaster. Our yachts are equipped with bedding and kitchen equipment required for your stay on board.